Woolwich Garden

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Woolwich Garden

137 Nequasset Rd
Woolwich, ME 04579


Beth Harrington, Darcy Emerson
jlibby@rsu1.org; demerson

School Vegetable Garden

When was your garden project started?
Spring 2008

What are your future goals?
Community composting efforts; increasing garden space; integration into more curriculums through E.L. units; establishing fruit trees around the property.

Any other comments?
We also have vermicompost bins in 3 hallways and compost our lunch scraps through the kitchen. Used veggies last year for Maine Harvest Day and breakfast and lunches and a "pick a pumpkin day". Donated to local soup kitchens.Grew and sold seedlings this spring and had a dance-a-thon to raise $ for the garden.

Our successes: Increasing community/parent support and has led to "taste" tests with local farmers through the "flannel shirt grant". Students were amazed at the success of our crops the first year. We have done fundraisers to buy a small greenhouse to increase our growing season length and sell seedlings next spring. Our garden efforts have spilled over into helping a community/school/garden club garden start up in Bath that will see all of its produce go directly to school lunch programs in RSU1!

Our challenges: Keeping it organic when the potato and japanese beetles came. We are going to be challenged next year because we are building a new school and will be at another site for 2 years (Bath) but hope to take our greenhouse with us!