Windham Primary School Open Air Classroom

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Open Air Classroom
Windham Primary School

404 Gray Road
Windham, ME 04062


Aileen Pelletier

School Vegetable Garden, School Composting

When was your garden project started?
Spring of 2011

What type of facility hosts your garden?
Public School

What does your garden project include?
Vegetables, Composting Bin, Composting School Waste, Our Garden Produce Used in Cafeteria, Cooking or Taste Testing in Classroom, Fruit Trees

Who volunteers in your garden?
Teachers, School Staff, Parents, Family Members, Community Members

How is your garden project funded?
Grants, Donations

What community connections do you have?
Other Local Businesses, Food Pantries, Scout Groups

Who tends the garden when school's out?
Volunteer students/families, Other volunteers, Summer school students, Me!

What are your future goals?
Because our garden is still fairly young, we want to manage what we have well before expanding with an item such as a green house. A future goal would be to have a garden manager to assist teachers in the curriculumn that surrounds student learning in the garden. Also, another goal would be to make students more and more aware of where their food comes from and the benefits associated with eating healthy foods; this will impact them their entire lives.

What is your most significant need?
Time. Currently the volunteers that work the garden are also fulltime teachers or staff members and it is a time consuming project.