Why School Gardens?

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Why make the effort to have a garden project at your school?

  • School gardens are the ultimate hands-on, interactive, kinesthetic, multisensory, holistic curriculum unit!
  • Gardening enriches every subject area, from art to social studies, including special ed classes.
  • Students who participate in garden projects at their school show increased academic performance.
  • Children who learn to grow their own food make healthier choices about what to eat.
  • Gardens teach cooperation, responsibility and patience, and increase self-esteem.
  • Gardens offer a unique way to integrate the greater community into school activities, and also provide a perfect opportunity for community service projects.
  • A garden promotes family awareness of and involvement in school activities.
  • Gardens beautify the school and instill pride in students, teachers and school staff.
  • Gardening provides opportunity and meaningful activity for working with "at risk" students.
  • Working in and studying a garden exposes children to career paths in agriculture.
  • School gardens can provide the basis for an income-producing business for students.
  • Most importantly, learning in a school garden teaches children the fundamentals of three critically important issues:
    • Nutrition- healthful food, the importance of fresh vegetables and fruit, opening to new food experiences, learning to cook;
    • Agriculture- understanding where our food comes from, the knowledge to grow their own, the importance of local farms, agricultural and cultural history;
    • Outdoor activity- fresh air and physical work, exposure to the natural habitat of a garden, environmental awareness and appreciation.

Visit this website for an inspiring story about one of the oldest educational gardening projects in the country.