Seed to School Lesson Plans

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Seed to School was born out of a collaboration with the Albert S. Hall School in Waterville, where 5th grade teacher Mary Dunn, and our coordinator, Myra Manning, created a series of lesson plans on vegetable varieties and seed saving. The idea is to provide educators with creative resources in order for them to integrate seeds and seed saving into classroom learning, in order to build a seed-savvy citizenry that knows where their food, and beyond that, their seeds come from. Check out the lesson plans below and contact with questions or feedback!


A lesson plan on tomato seed fermentation to save tomato seeds!











Take a look at the inside of seeds to learn about seed anatomy, germination, and how plants grow.
Discover germination and learn about what a seed needs to start growing.
Explore individual food choices and tastes while learning about different aspects of appearance and flavor in vegetables.




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