Maine School Garden Network is partnering with the Maine Food Atlas to bring you a brand new directory with pages that you have ownership of and can use to bring to life the story of your school garden. Start by creating a page for your school garden on the Maine Food Atlas and checking the box for MSGN as an affiliation. CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED!

Check these awesome examples out for some inspiration:


  1. Click Create Account in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Fill in your information to create an account.
  2. Add A New Place
  3. Fill in the Basic Information. Click Next Step when finished.



4. Locate your organization on the map. Click and drag the map as needed, double click to zoom in or use the + and - symbols on the upper right hand corner of the map. When you've found it and placed your marker, click Next Step.



5. Edit your Food System Categories - Under Food Access and Nutrition, you can find Community/School Gardens as its own category. There are several others that may apply - FoodCorps site, Nutrition Program, etc. - you may select as many as apply to your program. When finished, click Next Step.  foodatlas4


6. Edit detailed information - share your unique and beautiful story. Don't forget to check Maine School Garden Network as an affiliation at the bottom of the page! When finished, click Next Step.


7. Add photos! Again, share your program's story with images that show the hard work and exciting activity that goes into your school garden. Add as many as you'd like, noting that the order will be the order in which they slide through the slideshow. When finished, click Next Step.



8. Finally, publish your listing and make it visible. Then share it on Facebook or other social media, send it out in your school's newsletter, and let us know so we can share it and promote you too!