Publicizing Your Open House Offering

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Once you've registered your offering, we will promote the event in every which way we can, BUT you can help us get the word out. Here are just a few ideas for how to do that...

Use this INVITATION to share your event. Plug in your information on the second page and print, cut, distribute!

Send a notice home with students and include in your online newsletter.

Have a student poster contest to create flyers you can copy and put around school and around town.

Have one or two students create an announcement, a lunchroom skit, or display table for the school entryway.

Create a banner to hang on the outside of the school or garden fence.

Post the event on your website and your school's marquee.

Create a display of some student work and a poster for your local library or farmer's market.

Ask a local business (restaurant, garden center, hardware store, grocery) to donate to your event, and publicize it at their location and in their advertising.

Contact your local gardening club, grange, rotary, etc.

Ask your town office if they can list it on the local events page of their website and/or local access channel.

Send around a Press Release to your local daily and weekly newspapers.

Send an informational article to your local papers about the garden and students' work.

Sample Press Release:
                  A School Garden Open House will be held at ________________  on Saturday, September 29th, from ____ to ____.   The event will be free and open to the public.  To raise awareness of the many benefits of their educational gardening program, students and volunteers will host tours of the school's garden, [put other activities here]. The statewide sponsor of the event is the Maine School Garden Network. To find out more, contact [local name and number], or go to the MSGN website,

If you mention the Maine School Garden Network in your materials, here are some statements you can use:
*The Maine School Garden Network is a volunteer, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting school gardens around the state.
*The Maine School Garden Network is sponsoring this annual School Garden Open House as a way to help existing school/educational gardens get publicity and support for their projects, and to spread the word around the state about the benefits and educational value of gardening with youth.
*The MSGN website is, which has a wealth of information on the school gardens in Maine, and educational gardening in general.
*The mission of the Maine School Garden Network is to promote and support educational gardening with youth.

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