Palmer Street Garden

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Palmer Street Garden
Calais School Department
127 Palmer Street
Calais, ME 04619

Brian Giles

School Vegetable Garden, Nutrition Education/Cooking with Students, Nature Education, School Composting, Other

When was your garden project started?

What type of facility hosts your garden?
Public School

What does your garden project include?
Vegetables, Flowers, Greenhouse, Cooking or Taste Testing in Classroom, Schoolyard Plantings/Greening Project

Who volunteers in your garden?
Teachers, School Staff, Parents, Community Members

How is your garden project funded?

What community connections do you have?
Local Farmers, Food Pantries

Who tends the garden when school's out?
Volunteer students/families, Summer school students, Me!

What are your future goals?
Our school right here Calais Maine is starting an organic garden program. The purpose of our garden is for education, health, nutrition, and fitness. We are learning about healthy eating habits and to be more active in nature. Our goal is to make this garden completely organic! On top of the soil tilling and planting we are reading books, watching documentaries, and visiting local farms and farmers. We have organized for a master farmer to come right to our school to help us prepare and maintain our garden. We will be growing food for use in the school. we are donating some of the produce to local food pantries, and possibly setting up our own stand at the Calais farmers market.

What is your most significant need?
We are in need of seeds, tools, gloves, and fertilizers. We also need wood for raised beds, straw for mulch, organic seed starter and seed trays.