October 2014 Newsletter

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Upcoming Events

Fryeburg Fair: Sept 28-Oct 5

National Farm to School Month: October

School Garden 101 Short Course (S. Berwick) Registration Deadline: Oct 17

Master Gardener Volunteer TrainingClasses Start (Knox, Waldo, Lincoln counties): Oct 2

Beginner BeekeepingClasses Start (Falmouth): Oct 14

Great Maine Apple Day (Unity): Oct 25

Maine Farm to School Conference(Ellsworth) Registration Deadline: Oct 29, Conference: Nov 2 


What topics would you like to learn about at your local regional gathering?  Contactryan.fahey@maine.gov


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October in the Garden

39 image 1Harvest fall crops such as pumpkins, winter squash, kale, chard, spinach, Brussel
sprouts, carrots, and beets (check your local gardening zones for specifics).

Plant flower bulbs and garlic.

Order hardy vegetable seeds by beginning of the month for your hoop house, cold frame, etc. These include spinach, winter density lettuces, mizuna, mache, claytonia, and kale.

Plant hardy veggie seeds as early as possible in hoop house.

Divide perennials and plant new ones (check on which plants prefer fall division and planting and which spring).

Mulch new divisions and perennials.

Cut back perennials and if possible, compost  (not diseased material).

Clean up vegetable gardens of plant material no longer harvested. 

Compost non diseased garden waste.

Cover raised beds with straw, rinsed seaweed unless a cover or winter crop has been planted.

Sheet mulch (lasagne layer) a new bed for spring planting.

Maine Farm to School Conference

F2S2014STDJoin students, teachers, school food service folks, and a wide range of citizen supportsers who come together to share stories, lessons learned and the dynamic energy of the Maine Farm to School Movement.

This event will provide an opportunity to:

Learn about the 3 legs of the movement:

  • Buying and Cooking Maine Products for School Means
  • Hundreds of School Gardens, spreading rapidly, and doing fish, critters, seed saving and more.
  • Food and Agriculture Education projects that are being woven into diverse curricula.

Hear from National partners from the National Farm to School Network and the USDA

Learn how Farm to School is a key lever in Maine's local food system movement.

Network with diverse practitioners from across the state.

Enjoy a yummy local foods lunch.

Funding for theis event has been provided by Maine Agriculture in the Classroom and the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry.

Register and find more info here.

Topic Three

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