Monroe Garden

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Monroe Garden
Monroe Elementary School

36 West Main St
Monroe, ME 04951


Carolyn Wason

School Vegetable Garden, Farm to Cafeteria, Nutrition Education/Cooking with Students, Nature Education

What type of facility hosts your garden?
Public School

What does your garden project include?
Vegetables, Greenhouse, Our Garden Produce Used in Cafeteria, Local Farm Produce Obtained for Cafeteria, Cooking or Taste Testing in Classroom, Nature Study, Fruit Trees

Who volunteers in your garden?
School Staff, Family Members, Community Members

How is your garden project funded?
Grants, Donations

What community connections do you have?
Local Farmers, Other Local Businesses, Food Pantries

Who tends the garden when school's out?
Volunteer students/families, Other volunteers

What are your future goals?
We are hoping to expand our growing space by adding more raised beds and using a newly-constructed greenhouse. We are working on a nature trail behind the school, and are hoping to add an orchard/edible forest as part of the trail. We are working on incorporating the garden into the curriculum, to be used as a learning tool.

What is your most significant need?
We are in need of donations including: child-friendly tools (watering cans, trowels, rakes, buckets, gloves, etc), seeds, dirt, compost, and cooking supplies (bowls, child-safe knives, cutting boards, mortar and pestle). We also always need volunteer help--year round!