July 2013 Newsletter

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Upcoming Events

Sign up for the School Garden Open House on 9/28!

7/29-8/2: MAITC Summer Teacher's Institute.

Networking Opportunities

Lake Region Vocational School is looking to connect with other schools using hydroponic growing systems.

Lake Region Vocational School is exploring the addition of a school garden and is looking for other vocational schools that have or are also interested in starting a garden.

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School Garden Visits

You are putting in the effort to keep your garden growing through the summer, why not show it off at its peak?  Ryan Fahey, MSGN state coordinator would love to schedule a visit.  She would like to learn about your school garden program - how is it utilized, what do you grow, what works really well and what can we help you with?  Garden visits will be highlighted in each newsletter.

Sebago Elementary School - Soil Building & Life Cycles

2013-06-24 15-10-20 596Mr. Ted Bridge-Koenigsberg uses the Sebago Elementary School garden to teach 3rd grade students about soil building and life cycles.  Students experiment growing cover crops such as rye (pictured), flax, clover and buckwheat.  They underseed cash crops such as corn with cover crop to serve as a mulch and weed competition.  They even harvest and process the buckwheat for flour and flax for fiber!  Milkweed that pops up in the garden is welcome to stick around, because the students harvest them to learn about the Monarch butterfly life cycle.  

Focus On Agriculture in Rural Maine Schools - Healthy Snack Program

At a recent visit with the garden club at Great Salt Bay School in Damariscotta, Founder Karen Kleinkopf spoke of the impact of their 11 week healthy snackStudents were very receptive to trying new foods and the healthy eating habits continued after the end of the program.  If you don't have enough produce to supply your school cafeteria, consider instituting a healthy snack program for a particular class.  Imagine seeing your students requesting kale chips and kohlrabi from their parents for their snack!