GRANT OPPORTUNITY: School Garden Coach Pilot Program

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The Maine School Garden Network is proud to present a new pilot program to provide TWO $2000 mini grants for paid School Garden Coaches to two schools in Maine, thanks to the generous support of the Sewall Foundation. We are excited to partner with these grant recipients to provide mentorship in this pilot program, while creating a School Garden Coach handbook and co-hosting events with the Coaches to share information and experience, and to promote the concept.

To qualify, schools must:

  1. Have a school garden program (of any size, capacity, involvement level, etc.)
  2. Have the support of the administration to continue the School Garden Coach program upon the successful completion of the pilot program supported by this grant
  3. Have a person in mind who is willing and able to be a Coach, including involvement during the summer months
  4. Be willing to serve as a model for other school gardens around the state of Maine and beyond! 

Contact us at for more information.Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 2.07.54 PM

"Our research in 2014/15 shows successful school gardens have one feature in common, they are coordinated by a paid garden educator. Investment in a paid position increases recognition of the program and commitment from both the primary educator and other school staff. We work with 130 school gardens, only 6% of these schools have staff that is compensated for work in the gardens... Introducing this model is vital to continuing the momentum of the school garden movement and allowing programs to maximize their potential into the future." - Sewall Grant Narrative, 2015 

We will have a candidate selected by August 15th, 2016 in order to get the mini grants out as soon as possible and get the programs rolling. Final grant reporting must be completed in July 2017.

Thank you for your interest and participation!