Fundraising for Success. Vermont Community Garden Network provides garden fundraising tips and planning advice.

How to Handle Money. Tips on securing a bank account for your garden program and a fiscal sponsor.

Annie's Garden Funder This is an online charity where public school teachers can post a classroom project to the website. Funds requested must be for material goods that the organization will purchase and send you when the project reaches its funding goal. The website reports that 70% of projects are funded!

Seeds to Grow Fundraising Program allows you to earn 40% of sales from a seed fundraiser.

Botanical Interest Seeds allows you to earn 40% of seed sales.

Renee's Garden Fundraising Program allows you to earn 25% of seed sales.

High Mowing Organic Seeds will sell to schools at a wholesale price to allow a fundraising profit margin of 50-60%.

Fedco has 3 different fundraising options.

Sell you own seed packets from saved seeds or bulk purchases.

Market sale or bake sale. Sell produce or baked goods that include garden grown ingredients, but be sure to read up on our food safety resources. Raise extra funds by partnering with a sponsor(s) who commits to donating a dollar to the school garden program for every pound of produce purchased.

Ask a local food bank to donate money to purchase seeds or supplies in exchange for a commitment to donate a percentage of produce grown by the school garden back to the food bank.