Eddie’s Farm Stand

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Edward Little High School

77 Harris St
Auburn, ME 04210


Kim Finnerty

School Vegetable Garden

When was your garden project started?
February 2014

What type of facility hosts your garden?
Public School

What does your garden project include?
Vegetables, Flowers, Vermicomposting, Composting School Waste, Greenhouse, Fruit Trees, Farm Stand

Who volunteers in your garden?
Teachers, School Staff, Students outside of school day

How is your garden project funded?
Budgeted School or Community Funds, Grants, Donations, Sale of Seeds, Plants, Vegetable

What community connections do you have?
Local Farmers, Other Local Businesses, Greenhouses

Who tends the garden when school's out?
Volunteer students/families, Me!

What are your future goals?
I plan to add another greenhouse to the school ground and some farm animals.

What is your most significant need?
Money to purchase another greenhouse