Drying Garden Herbs

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from Carolyn Wason, FoodCorps service member in Liberty (Walker Elementary is August’s School Garden of the Month!)

Herbs2As your herbs start coming in, start harvesting them to dry as well as eating them fresh. If you have a dehydrator, use it. Otherwise, Herbs can be bunched and dried up-side down. Put bunch in a paper bag with holes punched in it, stems sticking out. Hang the herbs and let ‘em do their thing. We did this with dill and basil. In the fall, when the garden was done for the season, we packed the dried herbs in small plastic bags, decorated sticker labels, and sold them as a fundraiser for the garden. We use the leftovers when we cook together as a class. Remembering to do this during the summer goes a long way—even if you’re only drying a bunch per week, it adds up.