Pruning Apple Trees

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University of Maine Cooperative Extension tree fruit specialist Renae Moran discusses when and how to prune apple trees in Maine.   Learn more about growing fruit trees from Renae. Learn about seasonal maintenance of apple trees from the Maine State Pomological Society.

Maine Seed Catalogs

Fedco Seeds Inc, P.O. Box 520 Waterville, ME 04903-0520; 207-873-7333 Heirloom Seed Catalog, Medomak Valley High School 320 Manktown Road, Waldeboro, ME 04572 ($2 each); contact Neil Lash at, 207-832-6321 or the school 207-832-5389 Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Albion, ME Mooarhill Farm and Greenhouses, Mooar Hill Road, RR 1 Box 5510, Mt. Vernon, ME 04352; 207-293-4346 (FAX) Pinetree Seeds, New … Read More

How to Build a Hoop House

Hoop Houses (plastic covered tunnels) are a great way to protect plants from the cold, lengthen your growing season in both fall and spring, and potentially increase the yields of produce growing in your garden. In this video, Leslie Burks, Project Manager and John Englert, Plant Specialist share how they constructed hoop houses in the People’s Garden at USDA Headquarters. … Read More

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