Atwood Primary School Garden

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Atwood Primary School Garden
RSU 18 Atwood Primary School

19 Heath St
Oakland, ME 04963


Tammy Pullen

School Vegetable Garden, School Flower Garden, Farm to Cafeteria, Nutrition Education/Cooking with Students, Nature Education, School Composting, Non-profit Organization

When was your garden project started?

What type of facility hosts your garden?
Public School

What does your garden project include?
Vegetables, Flowers, Composting Bin, Composting School Waste, Our Garden Produce Used in Cafeteria, Cooking or Taste Testing in Classroom, Nature Study, Schoolyard Plantings/Greening Project

Who volunteers in your garden?
Teachers, School Staff, Parents, Students outside of school day, Family Members, Community Members

How is your garden project funded?
Grants, Donations

What community connections do you have?
Local Farmers, Other Local Businesses, Local College

Who tends the garden when school's out?
Volunteer students/families, Other volunteers, Me!

What are your future goals?
Our new raised bed gardens for each class was created this summer with the help of the Youth Garden Grant and the Thomas College students. New raised bed were assembled and a local nursery/greenhouse contributed the soil and seed with assistance from our Kaplan grant. Classes planted in the fall for a quick crop. We also planted bulbs for a spring crop. Our future goal is to increase our raised beds to include our OT classes that are handicapp accessible. We would also like to purchase materials that will support our gardens and composting. We would like to acquire an outdoor sink to clean vegetables, rain barrels for irrigation, watering cans, hose, shovels, small garden tools since our school is pre-K-2, trellis for climbing plants, gloves and raised bed separator. Our goal is to continue to integrate our gardens into our classroom lessons.

What is your most significant need?