April 2014 Newsletter

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Upcoming Events

Earth Day: April 22

Maine Farm to College Convening: St. Joseph's College, Standish, April 26

Maine School Garden Day:Medomak Valley High School, May 9-10



41 schools provided great feedback in the recent survey. One request was to have schools share the layout of their garden.  Do you have pictures or a sketch of your garden plots?  Send them toryan.fahey@maine.gov and they will be added to a new resource page.


There were numerous requests for networking opportunities and discussion forums in the recent garden survey responses.  The MSGN website formerly had discussion forums, but they were underutilized and removed in early 2013.  

We encourage you to like ourFacebook page, which we identified as a more user friendly platform for networking.  Share your ideas and questions there!

Greenhouse/ High Tunnel

Does your school garden have a greenhouse or high tunnel?  Would you recommend your stucture to another school?  If so, please share the design, make and model, or other helpful information withryan.fahey@maine.gov to pass the information along to inquiring schools.  

Can We Get There From Here?

Visitors to the Troy Howard Middle School garden often ask about other garden programs.  The school would like to install a tall pole with arrows indicating the direction and distance to other school gardens (like you see at crossings in Maine towns).  To have your garden featured, fill out the form below (you may need to view the newsletter in your browser to see the form).

It's Time to Get Busy!

April is here, which means it's time to start putting plants in the ground.  

Bare-root fruit trees, brambles, strawberries, and asparagus plants should be planted as soon as possible.  

Sow peas as soon as your beds are ready to plant.

Keep an eye on forsythia - it's blooms are a great indicator of when to plant potatoes and onions.  

Did you plant garlic in the fall?  Feed them with a sidedressing of fertilizer.

It's time to start tomato, pepper, and eggplant seedlings.

Finish up any pruning that was not completed in March.  Check out Cooperative Extension's videos, like one below, for helpful instructions.  You may need to view this newsletter in your browser to see the embeded video.

Maine School Garden Day 2014

At Medomak Valley High School

May 9th

"Heritage Seed Saving Program" with Neil Lash who has established the oldest high school seed saving program in the United States.

Limit 20 participants

Don't miss this event!

May 10th

Full day of tours, workshops and activities for teachers, volunteers and other educators interested in developing a school garden or working with an established program.