January 2014 Newsletter

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Upcoming Events

Portland Flower Show (accepting submissions for a student essay contest with garden theme, due Feb 12): Mar 5-Mar 9

Maine Vegetables & Fruit School: Mar 10, 11

Maine Maple Sunday: Mar 23

Read ME Agriculture: Mar 24-28

Grow Your Own Organic Garden: Apr 2

Soil Science for Gardeners: Apr 15



Toolbox for Education due Feb. 14

Scotts Miracle Grow due Feb. 17

Smart from the Start due Feb. 28

Mantis Tiller due Mar. 7

Rising Tide Cooperative Community Fund due Mar. 15


What are trying this year that is new to your garden program?  Share with us and we'll try to connect you with others who are giving it a go as well, or have some experience to share. 

Email ryan.fahey@maine.edu.


Taking Inventory

calendulaNow is a good time to take inventory of your garden materials.  Go through your seedsto see what you have left from previous growing seasons.  Have students figure out thegermination rate for old seeds to see if they are worth keeping. 

Also take inventory of your tools, supplies and other garden materials.  Clean, repair, sharpen and organize your tools before spring sneaks up on you.  Make a list of your material needs and price these items to create a budget.  Check out our resources on grants and fundraising to help reach your goal. 

Website Update

Bok ChoyWe have recently added a lot of new content to our website.  Previously, our online resources were limited to advice on how to start a school garden.  While this is an important topic, we know from meeting many of you that sustaining and expanding garden programs are also huge challenges. 

We want to help.  Please take a look at the topics and content that we have added and let us know what you think, what you would like to see more of, and how we can better serve your needs.  Comments can be sent to our coordinator, at Ryan.Fahey@maine.gov.

Maine School Garden Days 2014

Registrations will be available on the website in February.

At Medomak Valley High School

May 9th

"Heritage Seed Saving Program" with Neil Lash who has established the oldest high school seed saving program in the United States.

Limit 20 participants

Don't miss this event!

May 10th

Full day of tours, workshops and activities for teachers, volunteers and other educators interested in developing a school garden or working with an established program.