Compost Recipe

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University of Maine Cooperative Extension talks about home composting recipe – ingredients you need, blending process and length/time needed for compost to be ready. Home composting basics and home composting bins are two additional videos on home composting.

Appleton Roots

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Appleton RootsAppleton Village School 737 Union RdAppleton, ME 04862   Lillie Vitellilillie_vitelli@fivetowns.net207-785-4504 Category School Vegetable Garden When was your garden project started? 2005 What type of facility hosts your garden? Public School What does your garden project include? Vegetables, Flowers, Composting Bin, Composting School Waste, Our Garden Produce Used in Cafeteria, Cooking or Taste Testing in Classroom, Nature Study, Schoolyard Plantings/Greening Project, … Read More