Garden Scavenger Hunt

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Activity Name: Creative Garden Scavenger Hunt              Theme (i.e. science, language arts, math): Language Arts   Learning outcomes: The students will be exercising their naturalist, linguistic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and body-kinesthetic intelligences in this activity. Depending on the age level, they should learn to be more observant in the garden and also learn a little bit about how and why things … Read More

Drying Garden Herbs

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from Carolyn Wason, FoodCorps service member in Liberty (Walker Elementary is August’s School Garden of the Month!) As your herbs start coming in, start harvesting them to dry as well as eating them fresh. If you have a dehydrator, use it. Otherwise, Herbs can be bunched and dried up-side down. Put bunch in a paper bag with holes punched in … Read More

Solar Ovens

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Solar Ovens in the Garden Carolyn Wason, FoodCorps service member in Liberty (Walker Elementary is August’s School Garden of the Month!)   As a one-time activity (i.e. at a summer camp): Time: 1.5 hours to make the ovens, 2(ish) hours to cook Ages: mixed kindergarten and up (pair younger students with older ones)   Introduction: Discuss with students how greenhouses … Read More

GRANT OPPORTUNITY: School Garden Coach Pilot Program

CLICK HERE to apply today! The Maine School Garden Network is proud to present a new pilot program to provide TWO $2000 mini grants for paid School Garden Coaches to two schools in Maine, thanks to the generous support of the Sewall Foundation. We are excited to partner with these grant recipients to provide mentorship in this pilot program, while … Read More

Garden Grants

There are lots of opportunities out there for funding your garden program. Check out these grantors for possible grants available locally and nationally.  If you find that any of these are outdated, or if you hear of others that could be useful to list on here, please let us know: LOCAL GRANTORS:  Seedmoney – due early November NRCM (for Middle … Read More


Fundraising for Success. Vermont Community Garden Network provides garden fundraising tips and planning advice. How to Handle Money. Tips on securing a bank account for your garden program and a fiscal sponsor. Annie’s Garden Funder This is an online charity where public school teachers can post a classroom project to the website. Funds requested must be for material goods … Read More

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