Maine School Garden News

Ridge View Community School Garden
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Welcome to the MSGN’s School Garden of the Month. This project is made possible by Maine Ag in the Classroom’s 2016 Grant program. We will be highlighting a unique school garden each month and making visits to connect with... Read More

USDA Farm to School Grant
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The USDA Farm to School Grant application is now open. These are district-wide, national grants that require a great deal of coordination with the formation of a committee and administrative support. To learn more about this opportunity, visit http://www.fns.usda.gov/farmtoschool/farm-school-grant-program.   ... Read More

Safer Brand Grants
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Safer Brand, a company that sells organic gardening products, just announced they will be starting an annual school garden grant to help kids build healthy habits through gardening! WHAT: $500 Grant WHO: for schools who wish to start a... Read More

Farmraiser Fundraising
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“Ditch the junk food fundraising habit” Farmraiser is a great way to raise funds while distributing healthy local food and produce to the community and learning about the importance of healthy eating and supporting the local economy. They help... Read More